February 17, 2016

[UPDATES] My Life So Far in 2016

CURRENT LOCATION: Albury, NSW, Australia

Albury, is a town or city that's a 4hour drive away from Melbourne. Flew over to Melbourne on the 12th Feb 2016 (Friday) together with Mama Cheng. Came here to stay with my sister, Melissa, who's been posted to Albury for her rural rotation for 2months. So yes, that is the jist of it. That is why I am now in Melbourne but, also not technically in Melbourne. 

OOTD for 140216:
Blazer: Zara
Crop Top: TopShop AU
Leather Midi Pants: MDS.com
Necklace: Givenchy
Clutch: Balenciaga
Bangle: Hermes
Sunglasses: Prada
(Raided my sister's closet and stole the blazer, crop top and sunnies from her haha!)

Headed out for dimsum in Chinatown. Had to go to Shanghai Dynasty in that Bourke Street Mall because everywhere else was fully booked! Apparently it was some "Human's Day" celebration and also Chor 8 of the Chinese New Year, making the entire Chinatown stretch, which is Russell St, to be completely filled with people. Never in my 8years of having been in Melbourne, have I ever seen that many people on the streets of Chinatown! 

Mostly asians, but also locals, wandering along the streets of Russell and Little Bourke with their families in tow. Multiple groups of Chinese Associations performing Lion Dances outside of shops. It is our Chinese belief that these dancing lions would bring us good luck and prosperity. Whether it is true or not, I love this tradition regardless. 

Speaking of Chinese New Year, the Chengs decided to host another Open House party for our guests and relatives on the First Day of CNY = Chor 1 at our house, like we've always been doing since we moved in 4years ago. It's really nice and heartwarming to see the guests slowly start to pour into the house and better yet, I get to receive a tonne of angpows (red packet money) from them :D 

Perks of being unmarried! Married couples will give out red packets with money inside to every unmarried relative or friend or person. I think, the reason why, it's to actually bless us unmarried folk to hopefully eventually be able to find someone to marry lol! So, it's like "Nah, take this money and go find someone to marry la please." hahahaha! 

NO, I keeed. That is obviously not the reason why people give out red packets. It's the New Year, so giving out New Money is the same as giving out prosperity and goodwill to the people you care about. 

GONG XI FA CAI from Mama Cheng and I

We got our CNY outfit from a small clothing boutique in Sutera Mall Johor Bahru. It's located on the basement floor, directly opposite this Johor Laksa shop. They sell like sooo many beautiful pieces ranging from the super traditional Qua (where it is mostly worn for weddings or really special occasions) to lovely QiPaos and to clothes for normal wear. 

Outfits from the few days of Chinese New Year that I was in Malaysia:


Chor 1 (First Day of CNY)

Chor 2 (Second Day of CNY)

Chor 3 (Third Day of CNY)
Vicky was sleeping when I woke her up to take these shots. 
She fell back to sleep by the end of it LOL! 

And now, back to where I am now, literally sitting on a couch, typing this on my trusty laptop waiting till it's time to pick my sister up from work. My daily routine for the past few days I've been here, includes cleaning, sleeping, cooking, and eating. Yes, COOKING! Been learning a great deal of cooking from Mama Cheng. So much that I've decided to create a hashtag for all my kitchen adventures (currently only 2 LOL). 

Follow me on INSTAGRAM and keep a lookout for my #MichyKitchenAdventures 

Cooked Mama Cheng's Recipe Pancakes this morning. It doesn't look like a traditional fluffy pancake, it's a little more to the thin side with a tonne of crispiness on the edges.

And for dinner, we cooked up a feast (for 3pax), Peppered Prawn, Corn Soup, Stewed Pork, and Herbal Tea Eggs.

I must say, I'm becoming super domesticated. I wonder if this can last when I'm back home lol! And ok, this post had too many topics mashed into one. Will stop now and thank you so much for reading :) I will be updating way more regularly now, seriously this time! 

Have a wonderful week ahead! 
Take care! 

January 29, 2016

[REVIEW]: iluminage Precise Touch Permanent Hair Reduction Device

iluminage Precise Touch
Permanent Hair Reduction Device

Major embarrassing fact about me (as the device can already sort of provide as a hint), I am super super hairy! I have hairy arms all over my arms and legs! Plus the fact that I'm asian, the hairs that actually do grow out on my arms and legs, are majorly BLACK! MAKING THEM SUPER OBVIOUS! :( 

I've tried shaving them back when I was in high school, but it just kept growing back. And I hated how the hairs that grew out felt really pokey and it seemed darker. BUT, please know that when people say your hairs grow out thicker and blacker everytime you shave, that is a total MYTH! Google that up and you will understand why it seems like it's thicker and blacker. 

K, before I sidetrack. I stopped shaving and just let my arm hair grow out and well, basically let them be. LOL. I am a super lazy girl and maintenance just doesn't happen with me. So, when I received the iluminage Precise Touch I was SUPER EXCITED! They did not pay me to write this review, this is purely my own honest opinion!

1 x iluminage Precise Touch Hair Reduction Device
1 x Device Base
1 x Pair of Safety Goggles
1 x Power Supply Cord
1 x User Manual / Warranty

This is where I touched on a little in my video. As stated in my video, different targeted areas recommends different periods of use.

The Precise Touch can be used on women's facial hair below the cheek line;

  • upper lip
  • sideburns
  • jawline
  • chin
  • neck
When treating these areas, the recommended treatment schedule can be more frequent, with up to 2 - 3 times per week for 6 weeks if desired. Additional treatments may be needed for optimal results. 

The Precise Touch can be used on the body for men and women;
  • arms
  • legs
  • underams
  • bikini area 
When treating these areas, the recommended treatment schedule is one treatment per week for 7 weeks. Once the 7 weeks are up, you can continue to use the Precise Touch for touch-ups or as needed. 

Additional information can be found here.


NOTE: Whilst using the device, it is important to remember NOT to cover up the cooling vents (pictured above). This is where the device cools itself during use. 

The control panel. 
The elos button controls the intensity of the treatment from LOW - HIGH

The treatment window.
The two metal plates surrounding the treatment window is called the Radio Frequency (RF) Bars.


Do watch the video below that I've filmed, showing you how to use the device. 

Couple of points that you need to take note of before you start your treatment:
  • always shave your hair from the areas you want to treat
  • clean your skin and dry it with a towel 
  • do NOT use the Precise Touch if you feel your skin is irritated from shaving/epilating/waxing. 

What I like to do after each treatment is to apply BODY LOTION over the area that I just treated. This will keep my skin feeling moisturized and supple. 

As I've mentioned in the video, the results shown is based on my own treatment of only 4 treatments over a period of 3 months, which is super NOT CONSISTENT and is not recommended for you to be that lazy with your hair reduction journey. LOL. 

But, even so, my results are super promising!! And after seeing my own comparison photos, I believe that with a more regular and consistent use of the Precise Touch, my arms and legs will be PERMANENTLY HAIR FREE!! 

What I felt during the treatment is just a warm sensation every time the Precise Touch releases its IPL and RF on the area. It is ZERO PAIN and it really works! 

NOTE: I only used the Precise Touch on my LEFT ARM and left my right arm for comparison purposes 

Left Arm

Right Arm

The pictures above are super amazing!! Yes?!

My left arm, although it's still hairy (remember I only used it 4 times over 3 months) there are certain spots where there are NO HAIRS GROWING OUT anymore!! It is seriously amazing and to me, it's a miracle that it could even be possible for me to be hairless!

My right arm is at it's normal state, hairy as hell!

So, in conclusion, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you give the Precise Touch a try! You can check out the device on the Clariancy Website on how to order :)

There is so much promise to this device and I can't wait to update again after the end of 7 weeks of my treatment! It really does work and it's super, super convenient! You get to remove and reduce the unwanted hairs all in the comfort of your own home! I don't think it can get any more convenient or easier than that.

Thank you so much to the team at Clariancy for sending me this product! I absolutely love it! As I've said before, I am not paid by them to write this review, they only sent me the product to test it out so anything I've written or said in the video is entirely my own honest opinion :D

Thank you for reading!
Till next time,

October 11, 2015

[REVIEW] Bijouna Skin Moisture Checker

First look: What is it?

The Bijouna Skin Moisture Checker is a device that literally does what it says it does. It helps to check the moisture levels of your skin, to ensure that your skin is at its tip-top, moisturized condition. It also helps for better absorption of your facial skin care products into your skin. With its ultrasonic waves, it allows for deeper penetration of your facial products. Resulting in a healthy, glowing skin J

What’s In The Box?

In the box, you will receive:
·      Bijouna Skin Moisture Checker Device
·      Rosy Moisture Gel (to be used in conjunction with the device)
·      Charger
·      Instruction Manuals
·      Warranty

How To Use It?

I could go on and on in writing on how to use this baby, but for your convenience, I’ve filmed a how-to video on this :D

[link to video]

It is really easy to use. In summary:

Skin Moisture Check Mode
1.     Turn the device on by holding onto the ON/OFF Button.
2.     Press the MODE(M) Button TWICE.
3.     Press the TIME(T) Button ONCE.
4.     Place the device onto your cheeks; keep it there until you hear the BEEP sound.
5.     Record your readings

Next, based on your moisture levels, massage your face with the Ultrasonic side of the device, in conjunction with any GEL-BASED PRODUCT to your face. This will help increase the absorption of the products. To switch to the Skin Massaging Mode:
1.     Turn the device on by holding onto the ON/OFF Button.
2.     Press the TIME(T) Button according to the time needed based on your moisture levels.
3.     Adjust the intensity using the ARROW Keys.
4.     Massage in a circular motion all over your face until the device BEEPS.

My Initial Thoughts:

I always thought my skin was properly moisturized, albeit slightly dry, but I never felt that it would be a below average range (less than 40% is DRY). So, the device really did give me a WAKE UP CALL as to how dehydrated my face is.

Being in Malaysia, the humid weather can often make people think that “Oh, my face is so oily all the time, I shouldn’t need to use moisturizer” OR “See the shine on my face? I’m very moisturized puh-leasee” But, that is SO NOT THE CASE!

The reason for the shine on your face, apart from the humidity, can also be caused due to your skin being dehydrated. When your skin feels dry, the brain automatically tells your skin to produce more “oil” to combat that dryness, hence the OILY FACE. If you are not moisturizing your face properly, imbalances can occur and will cause your skin to be too oily and excess build up will eventually lead to skin imperfections.

The key to healthy, glowing skin is…..HYDRATION!

So, the Bijouna Skin Moisture Checker clearly displayed my initial moisture levels and it came up with a 34% (THAT’S VERY LOW!!)

I then used the Ultrasonic Mode to massage my face, together with the Rosy Moisture Gel for about 6-8minutes (as recommended based on my moisture levels).  After the massage, I checked my moisture levels again and my moisture levels increased and I did feel that my skin became smoother and more supple. It even had that nice glow! Just watch the video to see the Before and After J I have ZERO MAKEUP on my face! (just eyebrows lol)

My Final Thoughts:

After using this religiously, ONCE A WEEK (you can use this everyday, I’m just a very lazy person :P) my skin has shown signs of being a healthy, moisturized skin.

I have a natural glow, even without using highlighters on my face.

My skin is very moisturized, and I do not look OILY by the end of the day.

My moisture levels are very regulated and controlled, in other words, it’s BALANCED.

I am super thankful for having this device given to me by Clariancy. They have an extensive range of the most awesome products to help you achieve healthier skin! Do check out their website for many more products and devices.

Good things are meant to be shared :D Happy Shopping!

Till next time,